Art on You Studios presents Halloween in Summer Festival 2014

Vendor and Artist Booth Registration
Saturday June 29, 2019

Historic Magna Main, 10am-8pm

Register today for your Halloween in Summer Festival Vendor or Artist booth.


*PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR EMAIL IS CURRENT - This is how ALL Applicants will be regularly updated.

*If your regular email is different than your PayPal email, to minimize confusion, PLEASE NOTE IT IN YOUR REGISTRATION.

After reading through the booth descriptions of the booth options, the registration process will require two steps:

  1. Fill out and submit the form below to register your booth.
  2. Submit payment securely through PayPal.


Canopies, tables, chairs, additional accessories, etc are all the responsibility of the Vendor/Artist. Food Vendors will have necessary additional space to accommodate for the size of food truck or food tent.

Basic Booth includes a 10x10 space and two 2019 HiSF Vendor/Artist Badges.
Basic Vendor/Artist Booth: $60
Basic Food Vendor Space: $120

Event Description

The Halloween in Summer Festival main event will take place Saturday, June 29th from 10am-8pm along Historic Magna Main from 8950 West to 9200 West.

Your registration includes a 10x10 booth space and two vendor badges.You are welcome to distribute coupons, flyers, samples, sell items, host a game, or whatever you creatively concoct. HiSF Committee will assign booth locations along the festival route. Applicants will receive their registration packets with booth location, map, and vendor badges on Friday June 28, 2019 at Festival Headquarters, TBA. Applicants will be regularly updated via email, so PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU'VE ENTERED YOUR CURRENT EMAIL.

1. Registration Closed

Release and Waiver

I agree to abide by the rules stated. I understand that all promotion of my items must take place within the confines of my booth. I agree to make certain my booth is safe and secure. I further understand that Kilted Entertainment™ and all their representatives, including volunteers and security, are not responsible for or liable for damages including, but not limited to, loss suffered before, during, or after the event I have applied to as a result of the display of my work, equipment or material. Further, Kilted Entertainment™ is not responsible for any personal injuries I, associates of my booth/ business, customers, or prospective customers may incur while operating my booth. I understand that there are no refunds under any circumstance. Kilted Entertainment™ reserves all rights to refuse booth space based on event guidelines. If these guidelines are not upheld, my booth will be closed immediately and my application fees will not be refunded.